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VG Media is the European collecting society of commercial media enterprises. Established in 2001, it represents the copyrights and ancillary copyrights of approximately 165 digital publications (including publications from Axel Springer SE, HANDELSBLATT MEDIA GROUP, DuMont Mediengruppe, Rheinisch-Bergische Verlagsgesellschaft) and numerous German – and some international – private TV and radio broadcasters, among them ProSieben, Sat.1, the news channels WELT, CNN and the prominent German publisher owned radio stations.

Facts & Figures

VG Media represents copyrights and ancillary copyrights for private television and radio enterprises as well as press publishers. Those rights protect the creativity of audiovisual authors as well as the investments of the creative industry, assuring them a fair share in the financial exploitation of their television and radio programs or their digital news products. By enforcing copyrights and ancillary copyrights, VG Media is making a major contribution to promoting media diversity and ensuring the freedom of press and diversity of opinion.

As the collecting society for broadcasters’ copy and neighboring rights, VG Media has a proven track record of successful licensing of broadcasters’ rights to cable operators, hotels, spas and numerous other categories of users in Germany and further more than 40 territories in Europe and worldwide.

As concerns the ancillary copyright for press publishers, VG Media currently represents approximately 200 digital publication domains. These represent a large segment of the German press industry and are prominent safeguards for the diversity of media and opinions in Germany - from the preferred local newspaper, the national daily press, and the special interest magazine, up to digital news stations from popular television and radio broadcasters.

In 2019 alone, VG Media GmbH has achieved a turnover of round about 54,4 million Euros, which will, administrative costs deducted, in total be distributed to VG Media’s beneficiaries.

Like all other collecting societies, VG Media is subject to legal state supervision, which ensures that the law is reasonably implemented and fair competition is enacted among both the right holders and the users. As a German collecting society, VG Media acts with a license and under the supervision of the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) as competent supervisory authority according to the provisions of the EU CMO directive (2014/26/EU).

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P/L Statement - Chart

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P/L Statement in Figures


What is a collecting society?

A collecting society is an association of right holders (beneficiaries). It licenses the rights of copyright holders and ancillary copyright holders to users and distributes the proceeds, less administrative costs, to the individual beneficiaries in accordance with a distribution plan. The German Verwertungsgesellschaftengesetz (VGG) based on the Collective Rights Management Directive (2014/26/EU) forms the legal foundation for the activity of collecting societies in Germany.

What is the task of VG Media?

VG Media represents the copyrights and ancillary copyrights of media enterprises and enforces fair compensation for the use of their rights. Private television and radio stations as well as press publishers are entitled to the compensation collected, which is distributed annually to the media companies in accordance with various criteria, e.g. market share and technical coverage. VG Media receives no profits.

Why exactly do television and radio stations or press publishers receive compensation?

Broadcasters annually invest around EUR 6 billion in the creation of content. Broadcasting signals twenty-four-hours on 365 days a year is the result of significant investments. These broadcasting signals are protected by ancillary copyrights in the Copyright Act. If a third party uses the broadcasting signals of private stations, such party must pay compensation to VG Media as the authorized representative of the broadcasters.

Thanks to press publishers’ efforts and investments, the approximately 200 online press products that VG Media represents are continuously published and updated every day, sometimes every hour or even more often. Just like the broadcasting signals, these press publications are protected by ancillary copyrights in the Copyright Act. If a third party uses excerpts from the online press publications in its search engine or similar service, such party must pay compensation to VG Media as the authorized representative of the press publishers.

What are Ancillary Copyrights?

Just like copyrights, ancillary copyrights enable the respective rights holder to permit an exploitation of such rights and to ask for adequate remuneration for each usage. Different from copyrights, which protect the creative output of an individual author, ancillary copyrights protect the financial and organizational investment of intermediaries, who combine several single creations into a new creation, such as a broadcast or press publication.