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A good day for freedom and democracy in the European Union

The EU Parliament and Council have confirmed and approved the new directive for a European copyright. VG Media welcomes this outcome …

VG Media Brussels Office

European Commission publishes frequently asked questions on Copyright Reform

The frequently asked questions on the EU Copyright Directive have been compiled by the European Commission on its website.

Initiative für ein europäisches Verlegerrecht
Press Statement

Berlin Regional Court declares press publishers’ suit against Google Inc. to be justified in part

Berlin Regional Court declares press publishers’ suit against Google Inc. to be justified in part, submits to ECJ…



In a joint letter more than 240 European cultural an creative companies, including VG Media, call on the European Parliament to adopt the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market ...

VG Media: Stellungnahmen

VG Media wins case against „Sol Melia” hotel chain before highest Spanish court after 12 years of litigation

The Spanish Tribunal Supremo has confirmed obligation for hotels to pay a license fee to broadcasters for TV in guest rooms. …

Press Statement

Court decision of ECJ

In its judgement, the European Court of Justice has consolidated Right holders of ancillary copyrights. Read more.

EU Politics

VG Media Brussels Office

VG media maintains a liaison office in Brussels in order to extend its political activities to the European level. Find out more about our policy positions and news concerning our daily business.

VG Media Brussels Office
Book presentation in Brussels

Safeguarding Fundamental Rights in Digital Systems

At VG Media’s invitation, Prof. Udo Di Fabio presented his new book in Brussels and discussed his findings with Europe’s Digital Commissioner Günther Oettinger. …

Book presentation in Brussels
Short Video

VG Media in three minutes

Watch our video an get to know us and our business in less than three minutes.

VG Media explained in two minutes
VG Media

A corporation for companies

Through generating fair compensation, we keep media companies capable to create content.

Facts & Figures

The legal basis of our work

Read more about the laws, directives and regulations our work is based on.

Point of view

Supporting Independent Media for a Strong Europe

VG Media welcomes the proposals of the European Commission concerning a publisher’s right. We support the European publishers associations’ campaign.

VG Media supports initiative for a European publisher’s right
VG Media

Facts & Figures

Get an overview of VG Media – you can find all relevant facts and figures concerning VG Media and its daily business here.

Facts & Figures